Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Look At Yourself! Opens tonight at CMCA

Just Look at Yourself!, a group exhibition exploring self-portraiture with a focus on
un-conventional definitions of this genre, opens tonight at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art.

Eclipse (at far right below), from my series Saliva Self Portraits, is included in this exhibit. These images were created by magnifying (you guessed it) spit. I was astonished by how beautiful the patterns within the micro-view were, and amazed by the perfectly shaped circles in my saliva. You can read more about these pieces here.

Horizon Approach / Perfect Circles / Eclipse

CMCA is located at 162 Russell Avenue in Rockport, ME.
Join us at the opening this evening, August 7, from 5-7pm.
Just Look at Yourself! runs through October 3, 2009.