Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Group of Four

A Group of Four will showcase work created by my family! I can't wait to see how the work plays off each other in a gallery setting. Much of our art hangs together on the walls of my parents' home, but the task of decisively choosing work to show together to create a cohesive look in a gallery sounded a tad challenging. As we worked together selecting pieces that would compliment each other in a gallery setting, it became apparent we all artistically see and think a lot more like one another than we ever realized! Charlotte Davenhill, Tidemark Gallery owner, clarifies this point best in the press release:

" Joe, Mary, and daughters Angela and Nina seem to share the special ability of seeing things that others overlook. Working within their respective mediums, the Devenneys strip away the obvious to expose the unseen -- creating thought provoking works of intensity, movement, shapes and wonder."

Media exhibited will include paintings by my mother Mary, photographs by my father Joe (who also designed our wonderful announcement card), printmaking and sculpture by my sister Nina, and prints of my photo-based work.

A Group of Four runs from {03.03.10 through 03.27.10}
Please join us for the reception on Saturday, March 13 from 5 to 7 pm.

Tidemark Gallery is located at 902 Main Street / Waldoboro, ME
Tel. 832-5109, email:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

black and white

My photograph, Winter, will be shown in the exhibit black and white at River Arts. Starlings love to congregate in this tree near our yard. I've paid more attention to them this season, as they are exposed by the lack of foliage this time of year. Starlings are a gregarious species, so this was a unique, tranquil moment for the tree, any listeners, and the two birds.

My sister, Nina Devenney, will also have a piece shown in this exhibit. Under the Dress, {above} is a photopolymer gravure print, in which she combined the use of Photoshop, plate development in the darkroom, and the final step of inking plates to run through a printing press. I have a love for all three processes, but have never used them all in conjunction with each other and can only imagine {and admire!} the precision and time involved.

Black and white opens this Friday, {02.26.10 / 5-7pm} and runs through {04.02.10}. Art critic, curator and art dealer Daniel Kany is the exhibit’s Juror. Kany will be giving a gallery talk and discussion on Saturday {03.14.10 / 3-4:30pm}.

River arts is located at: 170 Main Street / Damariscotta, Maine / 207.563.1507

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10 – 4 & Sunday 12 – 4